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3000+ Filmmakers

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Learn how to price your videos


Learn To Price Your Videos

Build A Pricing System

Budget Calculator 2.0

Negotiate Higher Prices

How To "Marketing"

How To Grow Your Income

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"Film Business Master"

Learn how to get more clients

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Get More Clients

Charge 2X-4X Your Prices

Negotiation Mastery

Build A Marketing Funnel

No More Cheap Clients

10+ Templates & Tools Included

Learn How To Shoot & Edit


1on1 training

Hand By Hand To Success


8 Weeks 1v1 Training

Tailor Made Strategy

Weekly Calls

Daily Tasks

Clear Goal Setting

We Make Sure You Get There

Everything you get inside
Film business master

Lifetime membership access to all 7 modules

Full Filmmaker's Template Suite

Negotiation Mastery (2D2X)

Filmmaker's Marketing Mastery 101

Much More...


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negotiations Module

Learn how to raise your prices while getting a “HELL YES”

in every negotiation. 

Enjoy this free 7min Training

BONUS #1 ($399 value)

The FULL filmmaker’s Template Suite:

Budget Calculator 2.0

Price Quote + Contract

CRM (Tailored for filmmakers)

Shooting Schedule

Production flow


Project state

Cold Email Outreach

BONUS #2 ($99 VALUE)

Private mastermind group

24\7 Live Support

Like minded Filmmakers & video creators

Meet people from over 90+ Countries

Take part in our group challenges & contests

2d2x – newly added Negotiation mastery

How To Sell Without Being “Salesy” And Get Prospects To Willingly Pay Full Price.

Step-By-Step guide to negotiating

How to get the price you actually worth

Live role-plays included

Learn how to never give discounts ever again

BONUS #3 ($299 VALUE)


Right away. Once you enroll you get an email with login link and you can start going through the videos.
So that totally depends on how quickly you work through the training program and how quickly you take action. Some people get clients and start making money within the first week of joining the program, others work their way through slowly and it takes longer.
You get access for life. (Yes, even if an apocalypse occurs and zombies eat our servers)

If I cant make you money I don’t deserve yours – That’s what I believe.
If for any reason you’re not happy just email us and well send a full refund no matter the reason or how long ago you bought the program

We have hundreds of students in America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Russia, all over Europe, South America.  We have students in 42 different countries around the world and the program has been proven to work worldwide.

This program is mostly aimed towards one-man-show filmmakers but we also have a lot of subcontractors like colorists, 3D artists, Editors, Etc.

We are doing what nobody else on the market is doing. We focus only on the things that generate income – The business. How to acquire clients > How to get the price you want > How to scale > And how to manage.

Although this program is tailored to help filmmakers and video creators it uses evergreen principals and techniques that can be used ye all creative freelancers. We have photographers, graphic designers, motion graphic designers and more.

here's Everything you get inside F.b.m

Lifetime membership access to all 7 modules

Full Filmmaker's Template Suite

Negotiation Mastery (2D2X)

Filmmaker's Marketing Mastery

And Much More...

$499 $299

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